Ain Shams University announces vacant leadership positions

Ain Shams University announces its need to fill out high-ranking leadership positions in accordance with Law No. 81 of 2016:

Assistant Secretary of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research (High Career Level)

Assistant Secretary for Community Service and Environmental Development (High Career Level)

Applicants who apply for the job must apply in person to complete the forms prepared in the technical office of the professor, the university president in Al Zafaran Palace at Al-Khalifa Al-Maamoon Street in Abbasia - Cairo, as of February 20, 2018 for a month, according to the conditions stated in the description below:

- High qualification suitable for the type of work with experience in the field of work.

- Spend at least one year in a job of the lower degree directly.

- Pass the training programs in accordance with the training system contained in the provisions of the law.

- Ability to lead and make the right directions.

- Knowledge of a foreign language.

- Certificate of proficiency in ICDL.