Enable the service up to date at Ain Shams University

Prof. Dr. / Ali Abdul Aziz Ali - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research opened a seminar (up-to-date) in projects develop unit at the university and that to define the doctors with location services in the framework of the keenness of the university on the development of medical service inside it where the university allowed access to “up site -to-date” site and register it free of charge to all users of the university network, and this site is a source of support for medical decision based on the evidence, where it is used by specialized doctors and used as a reference in making the right health care decisions.

Mr. Awni Batikhi, Regional Director of the site in Africa and the Middle East said that during three or four months will be the development of the site so that University doctors can use it from anywhere outside, explaining that the site contain more than 5 thousand doctors, writer, editor, and reviewer, who have global reputation, use accurate editing process, aimed at compiling the latest medical information, and be entered in the form of reliable and evidence-based recommendations, and proven to improve patient care and quality.

Mr. Awni pointed out that the site relies on the contributions of universities and medical institutions from various countries of the world, pointing out that the use of the site services contributed to accelerate the results of the tests and to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis.

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