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Honor him " our country Henga " that flowed from them , " a General Description of Egypt " eligibility for Tourism Development , archaeological , launched a big celebration in the " Citadel of Saladin ," in Cairo on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 . Under the auspices of " General Union of mentors Alsaahin and" Egyptian Tourism Authority and purpose : - to give the ideal civilized behavior in dealing within the areas of archaeological and Alsaahristih
- Training young people in the most promising areas of relics and tourist guides on the explanation and communication with the community at a young age
- Raise awareness of the archaeological and cultural cooperation between shades of different people
Program festive " Fort glories ."
- Gathers Team 9:00 PM to decorate some places " Castle" and accessories and put the campaign banners and balloons.
- Distribution of team work in all locations , " Castle" and accessories, divided into lecturers to explain those places for visitors, and also coordinators to receive visitors and guide them the right to walk the line and will wear the team uniform it with the campaign slogan " Altarabich ."
- Simple Gifts will be distributed to visitors of some of the children to the public at the entrance of the castle , and then guide the visitors for each site in the castle in coordination with the lecturer who will explain the location of the visitor.

- Will be " ceremony " in some open spaces in the castle Volunteers College of Fine Arts , as there will be Rsamyin for Tloyen face painting free of charge and will be brought to the ceremony with a group of banners , wooden carrying pictures of black and white for the most important places in Egypt since the " French Revolution " even contemporary Egypt , Showing skirt for 30 minutes and will end clock 14:00 .
- Will be completed to explain the region clock 14:00 , and will then be a concert technician simple clock 14:00 and program : -
- ( A speech to the organizers of the ceremonial about 10 minutes, singer Fady Fred for 30 minutes , singing the band Band Awscaresma time of 14:30 and ends 15:30 , singing star Carmen Solomon Arab Idol time of 15:30 and ends 4:30 m ( will call for some artists , delivering a speech, thanked the guests for the ceremonial ) and all of that will be in the yard, " Panorama of the castle ," and will end the ceremonial clock 17:00 , God willing, by the end of the timing of the formal labor castle . 

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