About of Faculity

The Same location attests , The history of cultural and scientific radiation of the Ain Shams University in the pharaonic Age ,That was known with (Own).

In the Modern Age. The university of Ain Shams provided prominent figures and scientists influenced in all cultural and scientific Fields in Egypt and Abroad.

The Faculty of Arts represents an important pillar of the edifice of the higher education at Ain Shams University, it focuses on building the Human thought , including the progress of humanitarian and social Sciences. As this science had a great importance in building civilization, The goal was to establish the faculty of Arts within the first faculties founded by the University of Ain Shams.  

The Study in the Faculty of Arts is considered from the distinguished studies as it has also important practical and field studies such as Geographical and Archaeological studies, Tourism, Social and psychological studies and Media. 

In order the Faculty of Arts to keep pace with the age of Globalization, Information and Communication which is characterized by rapid technological development in all fields of science and knowledge , it knows that thre is no place for those who can not compete vigorowly and to here the toals of the modern age from technology and modern techniques , in fast , they are spering no elfert inorder to develop scientific department to keep pace with the needs of the community . 

Media , tourism guida , archaelogy , libraryes information and dream to face the need of the commiunty from such disclip lines .

The scientific section also behevies in the need to develop curricula and courses to suit the requarments of the age and them it always seeks to up date their intenal regulations according to the latest thearees and approaches .

The faculty feimly believes that the university message dose not stop at teaching sciences , and the message of the university professor is not himited only in giving lecture but also to un still the culture and monal values . 

The faculty them seeks to provicle the necessary resawrces to exercise all types of cultural and social activity , sports and art , where the department of youth welfare and the federation of faculty students sponsh these activities and supeivised by . 

The youth welfare also provides fanan cial aid dor students who can not pay , the bblnd and pessans with disabites , as well as the medical centre of the faculty which provides medical care for students and staff free of charge .

Finally , we all know that the educational process can not be right except only with the cooperation and the conceted efferts by members of the faculty and the faculty staff as they server students with respect of the students to the rules of the organization  for study and exams besides mainariureg the enviromment and the university faculties , in addition to the participation in various students student activities and community service . 

So Imivites you , dear students , to commit to the university traditens and cuaroms to maintain the faclites of the faculty to repect one another and respect for your professors the faculty staff so that we can achieve ows goals to the fullent also , I invite you to develop ypur skills and to learn mare about what is new in of then fields to know more about the various science knowledge and the ase of modern technologies in thir the dem of the faculty